Professional development involves personal development

The idea that people can leave their emotions at home is a myth. One of the most common things team members say to me is that they are astonished by the impact of their emotions on their work and each other. So coaching with me will always address the emotional responses that people bring into their working life as well as any unproductive thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.

“Coaching is fluid – the attention goes where it is needed. The main thing is that individuals are supported to make the team work better as a whole.”

Coaching as problem solving

If you have an unhappy and unproductive team, you’ll be very familiar with the signs:

  • tension in meetings;
  • reproaches and criticism;
  • apathy;
  • gossip in small groups;
  • high sickness levels.

People can get stuck in problems regarding communication or collaboration. Conflicts can escalate to the point where they can no longer work effectively together.

The longer this goes on, the more damage is done, and not just to the business. It’s stressful and makes people sick, both mentally and physically.

If this is the type of problem you are facing, the good news is that people don’t want to work in this way. Good cooperation is a far more enjoyable and validating experience. Coaching is a highly effective way to offer people a new way of thinking and help them resolve their issues and re-engage with their team.

Coaching for improvement

Even if there isn’t a problem, there is always room for a good team to be even more effective.

Working with one individual at a time and as a group, I can help develop your team from good to great. You’ll see a significant shift in how they work together – and all the signs of a well-integrated, coherent team:

  • creative and productive;
  • excited about collaboration;
  • sharing common values and principles;
  • appreciative of one another’s differences;
  • self-regulating and responsible;
  • constructive about problems;
  • 100% engaged.



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