To make lasting changes, you have to work with both the heart and the brain

We are all a complicated mix of our feelings and thoughts – but thanks to developments in neuroscience we can now see exactly how these two systems, heart and brain, work together.

These new insights make it possible for us to change ourselves, our lives and our organizations more effectively than ever before.

I specialize in combining neuroscience with other more established approaches in training, coaching and therapy. My heart and brain approach provides you with:

  • positive, lasting change in individuals and teams;
  • tools that enable people to continue changing and healing into the future.

You can rewire your brain and your thinking

Scientists used to believe that the adult brain was incapable of change, but neuroscience has revealed that our brains are in fact highly adaptable throughout our lives. Not only that – we can choose how we change our brains.

This is known as self-directed neuroplasticity and it’s central to my approach.

People who work with me learn to access the old neural networks that control their thoughts and beliefs in negative ways – and change them to something new and positive.

No matter what has happened in our past, we can influence what we think and believe, and therefore how we feel and behave.

Your heart is wiser than you realize

Science has only recently discovered that the heart has its own little brain, made up of 40,000 specialized neurones.

By learning to tune in to this heart-brain, we can develop our self-knowledge, intuition, compassion and creativity. A healthy, open heart is a source of wisdom.

What’s more, research shows that the heart-brain can have a profound influence on the immune system, positive or negative. If our heart is compromised, our whole body is affected – and we know now that the heart can be physically damaged by emotional pain or grief. We really can suffer from a broken heart. 

I work with people to help them:

  • heal the heart after emotional trauma and loss;
  • access the wisdom of the heart-brain.




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You were born with wings
Why prefer to crawl through life?

~ Rumi