How do you heal yourself from trauma if you are not a psychologist yourself?
Anouk Bindels, psychologist and author of the book ‘Wisdom of trauma’, provides thorough knowledge and practical tools in this book to heal trauma and loss experiences. Anouk approaches this subject from a holistic and spiritual vision.

The author’s personal life has been marked by great, traumatic losses. At the age of 19 she lost her youngest brother in a tragic accident. Ten years later, her first husband died of cancer, and in 2007 her second husband committed suicide. For many years after that, she was in a constant state of survival, leading to chronic stress, severe immune system dysfunction, nervous system damage, paralysis of her legs, and eventually cancer. Her life was completely derailed.

Disillusioned with many conventional medical treatments, she sought and found her own healing path in positive psychology, neuroscience and the knowledge of energy and meditation from traditional Eastern philosophy. This is how she developed the healing method that she now works with. Anouk combines elements from different scientific disciplines and forms of treatment and is very successful in this.

As a psychologist, Anouk hears from her patients every day: rigid diagnoses and treatment prescriptions ignore the sensitivity and deeper needs of people. This causes unnecessary suffering. Her solution is the Heart & Brain healing process, which focuses on the connection between the inner and outer world, body and mind, and heart and brain.

With the help of the Heart & Brain healing process, people with loss and trauma experiences learn to pick up the thread of their lives from the inside, lovingly and at their own pace. In this way they can build a new reality in a healthy body with a clear focus. In Wisdom of Trauma, Anouk explains how by consciously making different and better choices, you can reconnect heart and brain – for the benefit of both the individual and society.

Both in her own life and in her psychology practice, she has seen that for many people the current thinking and treatment models do not provide sufficient leads for the complex mental, emotional and physical processes associated with trauma and loss.

In this book she describes her experiences and visions and shows how important it is to focus on the feeling of love. She also describes natural treatment methods for self-healing and self-regulation. The common thread of the book is Anouk’s personal and very impressive story of healing from trauma and loss.
She previously reported on her healing process under the pseudonym Anna Willems in the first chapter of the Dutch edition of the book ‘Becoming Supernatural’ by Dr. Joe Dispenza, also published by Succesboeken.nl.

About the author:
Anouk Bindels (1961) is a psychologist, systems therapist, coach and trainer. She has had her own practice for many years. Over the years, she has continuously deepened her knowledge and professional skills through various refresher courses in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, India and the United States. She combined this versatile, international orientation with her professional insights and personal life experiences and developed a special approach: the Heart & Brain healing process. She skilfully bridges the gap between modern neuroscience and traditional Eastern philosophy, between cognitive psychology and spirituality. Her own learning process in dealing with loss, trauma and illness is the common thread in her book, ‘Wisdom of Trauma’.

The English version of my book WISDOM OF TRAUMA will be published in 2024.

The book is currently available in Dutch and German