A different kind of meditation

You might already practice meditation, or you might have tried it and decided it’s too difficult, or just not for you… but there’s a good chance that what you think of as meditation may be different to the approach I use.

The meditation I practice and teach is not about sitting in silence and trying to ‘think about nothing’. I use guided audio meditations that quickly produce real results that you can feel. 

Why change your brainwaves?

Brainwaves are real and measureable. They reflect the speed (frequency) and strength of the energy that the brain is using and producing.

The faster the frequency of your brainwaves, the more active your mind. If you have constant chattering thoughts, your brainwaves are in a high frequency.

Meditation makes it possible to slow your brainwaves down. This stops the chattering thoughts and gives you access to your subconscious mind. This is where you can find creative inspiration; make deep, lasting changes to unhelpful thought patterns; and gain deep insights.

Benefits for life and work

How often do you feel stressed? How often do you sit still and open your focus and allow yourself time out from busy thinking? And if you are a manager, how much time do you give employees to do that?

Meditation has been scientifically proven to

  • reduce stress
  • increase insight and creativity
  • promote healing and wellbeing.

My clients are often surprised and excited by the benefits they experience. So if you thought meditating was not for you, have an open mind!

Meditations developed by me

I would like to introduce you to the meditations that I have developed myself and that I am enthusiastic about. My meditations are designed to guide you on an inner journey towards peace, clarity and personal growth. They are based on my many years of experience as a trainer and my deep knowledge of mental health.

My meditations are accessible, guiding and completely tailored to your needs. Whether you are a beginner or already experienced in meditation, I am confident that you will experience the benefits. I invite you to explore these meditations and discover which ones suit you best. Start your own journey of self-discovery and well-being today.

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~ Rumi