Where the solution starts

Family problems can arise suddenly, or they can be the result of an underlying dynamic that has gone on for a long time but at some point has become unbearable.

I work with family members who are:

  • in conflict with one another
  • stuck in a negative way of relating
  • unable to process a loss they have suffered
  • wanting to achieve a new harmony together.

In Family Therapy, several family members work with me at the same time. I guide them to talk truthfully to each other and about each other.

These conversations can be difficult, but they reveal the patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior that are at the root of the family’s problems. This is where the solution starts – once those patterns have been named and talked about, the family can really start work on changing things.

Transforming family life

I have witnessed amazing transformations in how family members relate to each other. Situations that felt hopeless have been resolved and families have learned to work together in a completely different way.

Families that do this work are able to develop new levels of understanding, care and responsibility – and to express their love for one other in positive ways.

If you would like to know more about how this kind of therapy could work for your family, please reach out.

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