Coaching – getting the balance right

Coaching is a new discipline that has emerged from psychology, training, change management and consulting.

There are as many different definitions of coaching as there are different kinds of coaches… but great coaching achieves a balance between:

  • Safety – so the person can work deeply, knowing they will be supported with kindness and without judgement.
  • Real challenge – providing a ‘truthful mirror’ – so there is opportunity for real growth and change.

The focus is on solutions and lasting change

If you work with me, whether as an individual or as a team in an organization, we will cover whatever ground is helpful to your growth. But wherever the journey takes us, you will find that:

  • My focus is on finding solutions – the work will always focus on identifying the solution needed and providing the insight, information and tools to make it happen.
  • The changes have to last – gaining self-knowledge and insight may be interesting and enjoyable, but if you don’t rewrite the neural networks, the changes won’t last. So we will always do that.

Helping you become who you want to be, moving forwards in your life

Life is so busy, so complex. We spend a lot of time reacting to things and rarely take time out to look at what we really want and how to make it happen. Coaching is an opportunity to do that. It’s your chance to clarify what you want and make the changes you need to achieve your goals.

What do you want to change in your life?

What thoughts, feelings and behaviors are preventing you from making your dreams a reality? 

  • Limiting or critical thoughts that undermine you?
  • Feelings of anxiety and lack of confidence?
  • Procrastination or failing to prioritize?

Whatever your negative patterns might be, you can learn the skills to change them – and doing that will change your life.

Our coaching sessions will be fluid, leading wherever is most helpful to you, using whichever techniques are most useful – and the insights from neuroscience will run like a common thread throughout our work.

You’ll learn how to identify problems in your own thinking and rewrite the old thoughts, making new connections in the brain to replace them. You will think differently, feel differently and act differently.

Get yourself out of the way
and let joy have more space
~ Rumi



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